Would you Jump
  • Written by Will G
  • June 19th, 2015
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Would you Jump

Warning: Honest, Brutal, Truth. Plus the mouth of a sailor.

Question: All of your friends jump off a bridge. Would you?

I’ll give you a moment to think about that...

We have a problem. Not America, not white people, not any group of us. No, I mean the human race as a whole. We put labels on everything, we rely on others to think for us, we don’t question anything.

I’m serious though. I tried to have a conversation with a high school class one day. I asked a question, how does thing one relate to thing two, a simple question I thought. I looked around the room. No one had moved. No one had an answer. I asked it again. One person, One, raised their hand. I got their answer and looked around the room again. All eyes on me, apparently, unbeknownst to me, I had the answer.

Stand up. No really. Stand up. Stand the fuck up. Get out of your chairs, and put your feet on the floor and stand the fuck up. That was directed at you, get up. Really, while I did tell the students to get up, I want you to stand up. It was the only way I got them to actually talk, to think, to ask questions. We expect people to have answers for us, we expect people to tell us how things are to be done.

Why are the facts so hard to grasp? Break things down, and take it one step at a time. Don’t let someone tell you what the facts are without verifying yourself.

When you get all of the facts at once, you will instantly get overwhelmed and start trying to look for past experiences to help your brain comprehend the overwhelming amount of information. This leads us to jump to conclusions without actually knowing the facts.

So far simple right?

We need to stop putting labels on things. Yes, I am white. Yes, I am an American. But we are ALL humans. We are insignificant pieces of shit, standing on a rock, orbiting a fucking massive gas filled fireball. All of which is hurtling at an unfathomable rate away from the center of the universe.

We are nothing.

And yet, look at what we have done. The towers that reach up to the skys, damns that can hold back a man made lake, if not ocean. No other creature on this planet has been able to do the things we have been able to.

Literately no other creature is able to do everything we can. No other creature is capable of being taught such hate for another creature. And its just that taught. We never stop learning. The day we are born we barely know how to survive; we rely on mom to take care of us. To teach us to crawl, to walk, and to talk, we are born with no knowledge, and gain more every day.

And yet, with everything we are taught, everything we know. We simply talk about issues. Talk about how to solve them, and how those solutions cause other issues. And yet, we keep talking, creating a never ending list of issues, that in the end, really don’t matter.

We fail to strive for something better; We are never taught we can change things. We fail to seek options, and fail to take ownership. We assume that someone else will do it, or that no one will listen. Yet, we never offer help, or learn who to talk to.

I mean, any American can email, or even call their local state leadership. Lets think about that. The person that is chosen, by you, to represent you while laws are made, can be reached any time of the year. Their job, is to LISTEN TO YOU, because THEY WORK FOR YOU.

But we don’t only fail do take action for major issues.

We complain all day, about minor issues. Most of which can easily be fixed, but people are too lazy to take a moment and just fix it.

So to answer the question myself. I would find out why they were jumping, and follow along if it were a good idea.

Closing thought, public/mass killing, regardless for the reason is pointless. The reason is simply a separate issue that needs to be addressed on its own. It a complicated enough issue on its own doesn’t needed to be convoluted with anything else.

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