Remember The Flag Project
  • Written by Will G
  • June 15th, 2015
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Remember The Flag Project

On Friday I went to visit a teacher at the high school I went to. Which within itself it completely irrelevant; except for the fact that there was a truck in student parking that had a full size flag properly staffed on it.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know there are thousands of people in America that fly a flag every day. But we are talking about a student in high school, someone under the age of 18, choosing to fly and display the American Flag properly while thousands of adults are taking up a trend of displaying it upside-down, or completely disregarding what it stands for during protests by burning, walking and stomping on it, and just disrespecting it.

When school let out, I waited to see who was driving the truck. To my surprise and amusement, a student jumps up on the back of the truck, hoist up the flag and proudly waves it as if he just won the Super Bowl. I walked over and introduced myself and instantly he puts it back in the trucks flag pole holder to talk to me. I pointed out that the flag he had was getting a little worn due to not being designed for being on the back of a truck; and recommended looking into getting a flag designed for a boat as they can withstand higher wind speeds. We shook hands and parted ways; and that’s where most stories like this end. And I’m sure this student thought the same that day. But I’ve decided to change this.

Over this past weekend I went out and acquired the same quality flags used by our military’s honor guard.

Today I met up with this student again where I helped him fold the flag he had on the back of his truck, and gave him one of the Flags I had acquired. Today is also the day I’m creating a project within CloudMy.IT LLC to specifically there to assist and help properly dispose of as well as replace American Flags as they get worn-out.

A portion of all profits generated by CloudMy.IT LLC will go to this project as a way to give back to the community, especially those who are proud to be an American.

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